Book Thoughts: Annie On My Mind

Black and White with Stripes Gay Rights Poster (2)

“I went downstairs to Dad’s encyclopedia and looked up HOMOSEXUALITY, but that didn’t tell me much about any of the things I felt. What struck me most, though, was that, in the whole long article, the word “love” wasn’t used even once. That made me mad; it was as if whoever wrote the article didn’t know that gay people actually love each other. The encyclopedia writers ought to talk to me, I thought as I went back to bed; I could tell them something about love.”

I’m not really good at book reviews so I opted to make it into “Book Thoughts” because I usually just say what I think about a book in a concise and short manner. But before going on about Annie On My Mind, I just want to tell a little background story:

Since discovering and embracing my sexuality, I decided to consume more LGBT stuff, something that will give me knowledge about being LGBT and to remind me and show me that what I am is not abnormal and to see more and good representation, a proof that we don’t have to hide anymore, that we are and can be free. So, I started on LGBT+ literature.

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