Sapphic Life Presents: Homemade Laundry Detergent

Black and White with Stripes Gay Rights Poster (1)I am so excited to share this because this DIY has been in my plans since I stumbled upon this kind of living called ‘Frugal Living’ a year ago.

Frugal Living is about living smarter when it comes to money management. It is also smarter spending. Like stretching your money on how far and how long it can go, buying and doing cheaper stuff, sometimes free without sacrificing your way of living.

I tried living frugally but I keep on failing and I am not sure why. The list of reasons will go on and on and will look like a bunch of excuses but it can really be hard. I guess it is also because of my mindset and the fact that finding cheaper alternative of stuff is hard here in the Philippines and the current high inflation rate is not helping.

For me, getting cheaper stuff is also getting not so great result like cheap is equals to low quality, etc so getting this Homemade Laundry done is an achievement for me and maybe another baby step to finally managing my money and living smarter.

What made me decide to pursue this DIY again is because I finally found a place to buy the ingredients locally, thanks to Marriage and Beyond’s blog.

I was discouraged to pursue this before because the ingredients (borax, soda ash (washing soda) and this soap Felts Napta) seemed so rare here and getting them online seems more expensive so I was so glad when I googled ‘homemade laundry detergent philippines’ and discovered her blog. As you can see, she made this post 5 years ago, had I stumbled on it earlier then I would have created this laundry detergent earlier too saving me from spending too much on commercial laundry detergents.

According to Marriage and Beyond, she bought the items from a place called Alysons’. A quick google search says that it is a chemical factory located in Araneta Avenue, Quezon City. They also sell other chemicals for other purposes. Their items are also cheap. The Borax is only 65 php per kilo while Soda Ash is only 35 php per kilo. The first plan is to buy 4 kilos each but I decided to lower it to 2 kilos each because I am just commuting to go there. It would be hard to carry 8 kilos of stuff since I live far from the factory (a two to two and a half hour away depending on traffic).

Before proceeding, let’s know first the chemicals we are dealing with here.



Borax (or Sodium Borate) is a natural mineral that has been known as a eco-friendly cleaner for the whole house but should be used cautiously since it is not entirely non-toxic. It takes care of stain removal in clothes and cleaning them thoroughly.

Soda Ash (Washing Soda)

Soda Ash softens the water and it helps lift soil from the fabrics and suspend the soil in the wash water. It also allows the detergent to be absorbed into fibers properly to clean clothes.

It’s good to know that I can use a local brand of detergent soap that can be a substitute for Felts Napta or Ivory. Since I bought 3 Perla soaps I decided to create 3 batches.

Be careful in grating the laundry soap, I chipped a fingernail because I was so into grating and the grater I am using is metal and brand new.

I basically followed the steps based on the blog; mixing the borax, soda ash and grated laundry soap.

The finished product. 3 cups of Borax, 3 cups of Soda Ash, and 3 bars of Perla soap; grated.

Of course, I tried the finished product right away since it was a Saturday and usually laundry day for me is either Saturday or Sunday. I only used two tablespoon of this homemade detergent (I know you might be tempted to pour more of the detergent because we are used to putting a lot of it but seriously we only need 2 tablespoons or 2 scoops, 3 if the clothes are really dirty).

And the result? A M A Z I N G.

The clothes were cleaned like how commercial laundry detergent do it, though I feel this homemade detergent did it better. The white clothes look immaculate and they smelled so clean and so fresh. When I say clean and fresh, it’s like your smell after taking a bath, it smell nothing like those commercial laundry detergents that makes the clothes smell good but kinda harsh to the nose. They also feel soft to the touch.

Before this DIY Laundry Detergent, I also searched about a cheap and natural alternative to commercial fabric conditioner and I discovered distilled white vinegar can do the trick.

I bought this one for only 36 php and it is already 700ml, very cheap compared to the other brands that ranges from 115 to 190 php.

So I tried it and I can assure you that the clothes won’t smell like a vinegar. They still smelled clean and fresh and they feel softer.

I feel happy that I finally find an alternative to commercial laundry detergent, a cheaper and better alternative.

To my fellow Filipinos, If you are interested in buying products from Alysons’ you can visit their website here to inquire or you can follow the directions below if you are commuting:

From Lawton, you can ride a jeep bound to SM North. Alight at Araneta Avenue or Sto Domingo. There is no jeep bound for the factory so if you are commuting you have to walk for 15 minutes before you arrive at the factory.

For those living outside the Philippines, I am sure Borax and Soda Ash are available in your supermarkets. If you want to buy cheaper you can buy the following in Amazon:


Soda Ash

I hope you would consider switching to homemade laundry detergent since it does not contain ingredients harmful to the environment and it produces less waste.

If ever you have already tried this DIY or you know a factory who sells the ingredients in a lower price share your experience and where you can buy the ingredients cheaper by commenting down below.

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