Finding A Family At Pride: A Love Letter

Black and White with Stripes Gay Rights Poster (1)It was around June last year when I decided to go to my first Pride. It was like a challenge for the social anxious me and I just wanted to do something new just like what my Psychiatrist recommended. Also, it had been long overdue since I’ve been wanting to go back in 2016.

So I began researching about going to Pride and that’s where I discovered Pridekada. Someone posted about a group chat in twitter and we could join if we were interested.

I just wanted to have a group at Pride so I wouldn’t be alone, I guess, and that I could familiarize myself with the people that would go there so I commented my twitter username and that’s where it all started.

I met these wonderful people I call my family now.

Post-Pride 2017 (c) Steph


I consider myself so lucky I have met them. I love how woke we are about certain issues and that we really do care and love each other so much. We have issues too but I know, in previous cases, that we are going to be here for each other. It is when I realized we are not here only for the fun but also for the dark times.

I am happy too they have accepted me for who I am. I have never felt so accepted by new people. Even those fam members whom I haven’t talked much (or at all) but they are so welcoming when I finally meet them in person (shout out to Chog & Raffy during the year-end party at TxF, Wendy, Jay & Trina during Pride 2018, thanks for the warm hugs, also to Nyelo and KJ whom I finally talked to in person, I saw them last year but was too shy to talk to them).

This might sound so cliché but in some way, they have made me want to live, to not give up. They made me look forward to the days that we will meet again no matter how long the interval is. They made me feel loved, accepted,  that I am important, that I got some people who want to be with me even when I’m like this.

Their warm hugs are the also the best.

So to my KK Fam, I want to give you my never-ending love and thanks. Thank you for the love and acceptance and for giving me more reasons to fight. We might not see each other or talk to each other always but just look at us, we are still here, rising up together even after a year has passed.

Here’s to more years of friendship and love.

Post-Pride 2018 (c) JM



How about you, what’s your “Finding friends and families at Pride” story?


Additonal shoutouts:

To Martin, thank you so much for helping us before the parade and I also want to say thanks to your friend, he was so nice!

Again to Trina, I am sooo sorry for asking who you are even though I know it was you lmao I just want to be sure, thank you for the hug <3

And to Tatay Macky: Thank you for everything you have done for all of us, for bringing us together. We love you so much.

24 thoughts on “Finding A Family At Pride: A Love Letter

  1. There’s a saying about family. You have the family that you’re born with and the people that become your family (I am sure I butchered it). Glad to see you had a good time.

  2. How lovely! So glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and were able to meet these wonderful people! You’ll have friends and family for life because of it.

  3. This was so lovely and heartfelt. I am so happy that you found a family at Pride. Sometimes it can feel so isolating when people do not understand us. But when we find our tribe, and surround yourself with people who allow us to be unapologetically us it truly is wonderful!

  4. I am so happy for you. It’s hard to find people you feel you belong to. Sometimes even our own family fail to give us that feeling of acceptance or belongingness.

  5. It is great to find a place that you belong. Having a supportive and loving family, whether it is one you form yourself or born with is always a wonderful thing to have.

  6. It is important for us to be surrounded by people who love and accepts us. Glad you found them and they are making you want to not give up.

  7. What an awesome post. I’m so glad that you chose to go and found new family. Surrounding yourself in positivity is always the best thing we can do in our lives!

  8. I bet nothing feels better than having people to support you. You are lucky and blessed you have an awesome group of friends that will be with you on your ups and downs.

  9. I feel so happy for you that you found a family for yourself at pride. Sometimes we are so lonely and terrified of judgemental reviews of the people surrounding us that we might feel completely off and isolated from the world. At these times, its good to have someone around who can lift you up. I am so glad that there are so many of those wonderful people with you. God bless 🙂

  10. I love this! Pride is a place of comfort for myself and my girlfriend, and the people are all so genuine and non judgmental. Im so glad you found your happy place! I just posted an LGBT Tag if you’d like to have a look! x

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