Finding A Family At Pride: A Love Letter

Black and White with Stripes Gay Rights Poster (1)It was around June last year when I decided to go to my first Pride. It was like a challenge for the social anxious me and I just wanted to do something new just like what my Psychiatrist recommended. Also, it had been long overdue since I’ve been wanting to go back in 2016.

So I began researching about going to Pride and that’s where I discovered Pridekada. Someone posted about a group chat in twitter and we could join if we were interested.

I just wanted to have a group at Pride so I wouldn’t be alone, I guess, and that I could familiarize myself with the people that would go there so I commented my twitter username and that’s where it all started.

I met these wonderful people I call my family now.

Post-Pride 2017 (c) Steph


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P R I D E 2018: Attending As A Volunteer

Black and White with Stripes Gay Rights PosterThe Philippine LGBT+ community had it’s 24th Metro Manila Pride March and Festival on the 30th of June.

It was my second time attending but now as a volunteer together with my friends.

It was also my first time volunteering in such a big event so I can just imagine the introvert and anxious me the day before the event.

This didn’t stop me since I really want to give back something to the community that has secured me a safe and loving space.



pride blog 1

We were asked to help around in different committees. Since our job is more about gathering orgs for the parade, we anticipated the orgs assigned to us around 12 noon when the gates were expected to open.


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