Sapphic Life Presents: Homemade Laundry Detergent

Black and White with Stripes Gay Rights Poster (1)I am so excited to share this because this DIY has been in my plans since I stumbled upon this kind of living called ‘Frugal Living’ a year ago.

Frugal Living is about living smarter when it comes to money management. It is also smarter spending. Like stretching your money on how far and how long it can go, buying and doing cheaper stuff, sometimes free without sacrificing your way of living.

I tried living frugally but I keep on failing and I am not sure why. The list of reasons will go on and on and will look like a bunch of excuses but it can really be hard. I guess it is also because of my mindset and the fact that finding cheaper alternative of stuff is hard here in the Philippines and the current high inflation rate is not helping.

For me, getting cheaper stuff is also getting not so great result like cheap is equals to low quality, etc so getting this Homemade Laundry done is an achievement for me and maybe another baby step to finally managing my money and living smarter.

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